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The vision of the Refuge Worship Arts is to “creatively present The Gospel and redeem the arts.” In every service. In every gathering.

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No experience is required to serve on many of our teams. Many of our volunteers have started on the team with little to no experience and now operate at a high capacity.  We ask that you maintain a good and teachable attitude, and stay committed to learning the craft. The production & photography are teams that allow you to join with little or no experience by just applying. However, the worship team does require previous experience and require auditioning to join.

Depending on your position you can serve 1 – 4 Sundays a month.  Because of the impact that Production & Worship have on the services at all of our campuses, we ask those positions to serve all services on a Sunday.  Photography has the option to serve one or both Sunday services.


We formulate an open rotation (as opposed to “fixed” teams) each month using the online scheduling software Planning Center Online. There’s also a service schedule created every week that serves as a roadmap to Sunday morning service outlet

Production & Photography rely heavily on mentor-apprentice relationships between veteran volunteers and new trainees. A new volunteer will shadow and train alongside one of our team leads before going solo. The Worship team relies on Planning Center for set lists and resources for prepping for the worship service. One component for all teams are quarterly development and gathering nights that equip, challenge, and train all volunteers.

7:00 Worship and Production Team call time
7:15 Linecheck
7:15 Camera call time
7:30 Worship Rehearsal
8:20 Mic Check & Screen Run Thru
8:30 Team Prayer in Greenroom
8:40 Breakfast
8:45 Preservice Production Meeting
9:00-10:30 First Service
11:00-12:30 Second Service
12:30-12:45 Clean up and shut down for all teams



    • Drums
    • Bass
    • Electric
    • Acoustic
    • BGV – Alto
    • BGV – Soprano
    • BGV – Tenor
    • Vocal Ensemble


Audio (Front-of-House)
    • Operates the mixing board located in the Auditorium and controls the mix that the audience hears.
    • Responsible for setting up the FOH console on Sunday rehearsals as well as building the audience mix for the worship services.
    • Required to have a close relationship with band and vocals.
    • Prepare and test all equipment required for the worship service.
    • Confirm sound checks for communicator, musicians, platform pastors and playback sources as needed.

Lighting Operator (Front-of-House)
    • Operates lighting board that controls the moving lights and LED strips onstage.
    • Assist staff with fixture placement and programming as needed.

Live Stream Audio (Back-of-House) 
    • Mixes and controls audio feed to web and campus streams.
    • Records Auditorium worship and message for duplication and archive.

Video Director (Back-of-House) 
    • Directs video team during service and oversees video equipment.
    • Lead camera rehearsals for worship set, creative elements, and preaching.
    • Dictate all camera direction, graphics, and video playback to switcher.
    • Operates video switcher, selects camera feeds, and video playback as directed.

Camera Operators (Back-of-House) – x4
    • Operate wireless cameras for the worship service.
    • Take direction from video director.

Presentation Operator  (Back-of-House) 
    • Edit and run all song lyrics for the worship service.
    • Review lyrics for spelling and proper phrasing.
    • Run through songs live with the band during rehearsal for screens and confidence monitor.
    • Run all speaker notes, lower thirds, and related on-screen graphics for the worship service and message.
    • Captures worship, creative elements, speaking, Sunday mornings, and church wide events.
    • Captures pictures of worship from the stage at each position and thru out the auditorium.
    • Walks through every part of the church to capture all age ranges and community.
    • Particular shots are requested from time to time.

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