The stage team consists of dedicated individuals who assist with on-stage transitions from worship, preaching, and special elements.


Responsible To Worship Arts Director and Worship Pastor

Requirements Help transition the speaking podium or tables on and off stage. Help move instruments and props when a service has special elements. Help with any transitions during special services at The Refuge. Be available to assist worship and production volunteers on stage. Help keep the backstage area orderly and clean. Be actively involved at The Refuge and attend weekend services and events when not serving on the team.

Opportunities Participation in special events and services at The Refuge. Opportunity to learn and gain skills in areas of Worship Arts.

Time Required Times vary according to service opportunities. Sunday AM production meeting at 8:40 am. When serving on Sunday services, both 9 am and 11 am services are required. Leading up to a holiday service or big event, a rehearsal may be required to attend.

Length Of Commitment One year renewable by signed mutual agreement.

Dress Code: Dark clothes, closed toe-ed shoes, and stage team shirt (provided by the Refuge)