We believe that orphan care is central to the heart of God.  As we grow in our awareness and understanding of the Gospel, we are compelled towards the vulnerable.  Our desire at The Refuge is to mobilize the church to care for the orphan.  We are convinced that all believers are called to play a role in orphan care:  some will foster, some will adopt, and some will provide support/strength for the families that do.

We see a growing epidemic of discarded children and we are compelled to carry God’s heart to them.

We believe it is our mandate as Christians to advocate for the unborn and take a stand against abortion.

We believe that we are no less obligated to battle to protect and care for the already-born.

James 1:27—“Pure and faultless religion is to care for the widow and the orphan.”

I am a current foster/adoptive parent

I would like to partner with Refuge Orphan Care