Each month, the profits from The Mugshot Cafe goes to support one of our missionaries or mission organizations. Through our monthly support, we are also able to raise awareness about the missionaries we support to our church body. You can find a list of the missionaries we are supporting this year below:

  • January – Catherine Helm
  • February – Ron and Carol McDonald (Chara in Tanzania)
  • March – Benite Jeune (Rise Haiti)
  • April – Fabio Schucman (BSCCJ in Israel)
  • May – Robert and Sandrina Jurjevich (Bosnia)
  • June – Compassion International
  • July – Andrew and Dar Draper (Glow Missions)
  • August – Overland Missions (Tanzania)
  • September – Ken Pounders (Priority Evangelism)
  • October – Ashley Pell (Northgate Ministries in Philippines)
  • November – Nubia Mesquita (Children’s Place in Brazil)
  • December – My Christmas Gift

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