Chai (חי) is the Hebrew word for LIFE and its numerical equivalent is 18. As a result of its connection to the word for life, the number 18 is considered a special number in Jewish tradition. In fact, Jews frequently make gifts or charitable contributions in multiples of $18.

As we enter our 18th year as a church, we celebrate the faithfulness of God and the new life that has come forth as a result of this work and we look forward to many more years of fruitfulness.

We invite you to partner with us by giving the gift of life towards several projects connected to each of our NC campuses


Adjacent to the main campus of The Refuge is Camp Cabarrus, which has served as the Boy Scout Camp since the mid-1930’s. We have acquired the thirty-six acres and we desire to begin developing the Life Campus at The Refuge. The Refuge will build upon the rich history and legacy of the Boy Scouts by training, mentoring, teaching, and ministering to boys and girls, youth, and families. We want to look beyond ourselves, beyond today, to the generations yet to come. It will take all of us working and sacrificing together to see the goal reached and the Kingdom of God expanded in a significant way


We are praying for the opportunity to purchase a permanent location for the Salisbury Campus. This will transition the campus from renting a co-occupied space to owning our own facility, extending our ministry opportunities for the Rowan County region. Our goal is to develop a multi-generational family development center.


We have an opportunity to purchase old Erwin Montessori School. This property is located adjacent to our church. This will give us an opportunity to expand outreach in our community and develop the community of East Greensboro. Our goal is to offer a food pantry, community recreation center as well as an opportunity to teach financial literacy.